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Benefits of Membership

What is special about Launchpad?

  • Launchpad features a culture of respect, openness to different views, healthy debate, constructive feedback, honesty, curiosity and willingness to learn from each other;
  • Launchpad is run with a focus on total professionalism to make the most efficient use of investors and entrepreneurs’ time. We try to conduct all of our meetings as crisply and efficiently as possible and utilize web-based tools for the efficient administration of the group and its deals;
  • Launchpad goes to great effort into being an entrepreneur-friendly, service-oriented angel group. We provide the platform for active angels to get involved. We are looking for angels who “get it” and who can help start-ups meet the people they need to meet and access the advice they need to to grow their company and generate superior returns;
  • Launchpad is open to innovative ways of financing; for example Launchpad will consider royalty-based financing where it makes sense, and stays current with the emerging trends in the angel financing world to ensure it utilizes the best tools available for the job at hand;
  • Launchpad and its member network are out actively searching for new sources of innovation and maintaining relationships in the places where the hottest entrepreneurs cross paths so that Launchpad can actively source the best deals and create the opportunity to generate superior returns; and
  • Launchpad is built to be accessible to new blood — it can accommodate even those who are newer to the angel game:
    • membership is affordable;
    • Launchpad places no requirement on members in terms of minimum investment;
    • there is a strong emphasis on education and learning

Membership in Launchpad offers the opportunity to:

  • make private equity investments and generate superior returns through collective wisdom of the group, superior opportunity flow and collective negotiation of deal terms;
  • lower your investing risk by pooling wisdom within a broader, more diverse and experienced group;
  • make more efficient use of your investing time by increasing the flow and number of sources of opportunities, collaborating on diligence and out-sourcing administrative tasks;
  • network with accomplished and experienced business leaders and promising start-ups;
  • give back to your community by mentoring worthy entrepreneurs;
  • stay current or become educated on the newest emerging trends;
  • help the regional economy by providing critically-needed funding to the engines of job growth;
  • help the environment by funding clean companies and technologies; and
  • invest with more anonymity than available outside of a group.

Members of Launchpad enjoy:

  • monthly investor meetings with presentations from two to five pre-screened companies for investment consideration. After each presentation, there will be time for discussion of members’ observations and analysis.
  • access to “Members Only” section of the web site, which includes:
  • access to all deal flow through Launchpad’s online database;
  • copies of presentations and materials provided at meetings;
  • member discussion areas and online forums to confidentially discuss or comment on business plans, companies; and
  • educational programs covering angel investing topics such as the investing climate and investing trends, emerging technologies, and practical topics such as angel term sheets, balanced investment portfolios, case studies, and due diligence.
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