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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an angel investor?

An angel investor is an individual who makes direct investments of personal funds into a venture, typically early-stage businesses. This is in contrast to venture capitalists who typically raise and invest third party funds. Because the capital is being invested at an early, risky stage in a business venture, angel investors must be capable of taking a loss of the entire investment; as a result most angel investors are relatively high-net-worth individuals.

What is an angel group?

An angel group is a formal or informal assembly of active angel investors who cooperate in some part of the investment process. Key characteristics of an angel group are: organization and control of the group by one or more member angels (who manage the group's processes and procedures), and collaboration by member angels in the investment process.

When and where does Launchpad meet?

Launchpad meetings are limited to members and invited guests. Launchpad generally meets on the second Wednesday of the month at 7:30AM in Newton MA and then again in a repeat session at 3:00PM the following afternoon in downtown Boston.

Is membership in Launchpad restricted?

Yes. Please see membership process for a description of membership requirements above.

What is Launchpad’s policy on guests?

Guests must be sponsored by an existing member and will be welcomed to attend one meeting on advance notice to the Managing Directors and subject to space availability. Guests’ behavior must conform to Launchpad’s Code of Conduct. Before investing in an opportunity presented at Launchpad, guests must be approved as members and agree to the terms of the Membership Agreement.

Must I make a minimum investment each year to remain a member?

Members are encouraged to be active investors, but since each investor’s threshold and interests differ, there is no strict investing requirement. In order to keep Launchpad’s membership as active and vibrant as possible, the Managing Directors reserve the right to refuse renewal for members who are neither investing nor making active contributions to the Launchpad community.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of money I may invest?

No. Individual deal terms may impose per-angel minimums or per-angel maximums on a deal-by-deal basis. Typical deal minimums will range from $10,000 -$25,000.

How are investment decisions made?

Launchpad members will pool their experience and observations and work together on due diligence review on deals of interest, but in the end, each member will make his or her own personal investment decisions.

Does Launchpad have its own "Side-Car" fund?

No. Launchpad encourages active rather than passive involvement by its angel members and does not provide a passive conduit for investing. However, we syndicate the majority of our deals and have close working relationships with a number of established funds in the area.

How is Launchpad funded?

The administration of Launchpad Venture Group is funded by its members’ dues. Members of Launchpad invest directly on their own behalf.

Does Launchpad make money off my investments?

No. Launchpad does not charge any management fee or receive carry on your investments, nor does Launchpad receive (nor would it ever consider receiving) any finder or referral fees from the companies in which you invest. You keep all the returns you generate. Launchpad’s role is to provide its membership with the best opportunities in which to invest and make a superior investment return, and to administer an absolutely superior network of talent to which you can belong.

How will presenting companies be selected?

A screening committee consisting of the Managing Directors and interested members reviews plan submissions and meets to discuss and select the opportunities likely to be of greatest interest to the group. Any member is welcome to apply to join the screening committee.

How should companies apply for funding?

Go to the Entrepreneurs section of this site, review our investment critera, preferred stages and investment process and then click on the "Submit Business Plan" button appearing on any of those pages.

Are their geographical restrictions on where Launchpad will invest?

Yes. Launchpad focuses on companies with management teams and headquarters in the greater Boston area (but in certain circumstances will invest in companies based farther north in New England or slightly south in New York City.) We want to know and help the companies we are investing in, and that is a contact sport!

How is due diligence conducted?

Members conduct due diligence themselves on a voluntary basis. A lead diligence coordinator is generally chosen, an agreed-upon diligence checklist is utilized (which is never less thorough than the minimum guidelines set by the Angel Capital Association), groupware and collaborative tools are utilized wherever possible to enhance efficiency for members and entrepreneurs, and diligence reports are shared openly within the Launchpad group (and with syndication partners from other groups, where appropriate). Diligence reports are not shared outside of the group or with the entrepreneur.

How is Launchpad run?

The Managing Directors administer the group with assistance and oversight from a Board of Directors from the membership. The Managing Directors welcome the input of Launchpad members on how the group is administered, and consults with their Board on matters relating to long-range issues and fundamental policy questions.

How do I learn more about angel investing?

Launchpad conducts periodic training programs for new members as an intensive introduction to angel investing. Periodically, Launchpad has speakers on relevant topics as part of the monthly meetings. Members also learn from other experienced angel investor group members, and the Managing Directors can direct interested members to additional materials as required.

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