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We seek Boston-area companies that are young. We are willing to work with very early stage start-ups, even just a couple founders with a great idea. We want our money and expertise to make a difference. We look for situations where strategic use of early capital and sound business advice will catapult a company to critcal milestones: bringing on key hires, finishing the minimum viable product, proving market demand. To be considered a company must have the following attributes:



We seek companies that offer something new. Although “newness” comes in many forms, we look for companies that have it in one way or another. From a revolutionary new idea to a re-conception of an existing product, service or business model, there has to be that new twist.



Based on the expertise and interest of our members, we are looking for companies where the use of technology is fundamental to the business mission, either because the company sells technology products and services or because it uses technology as a core enabler of its business.

Significant Market Opportunity

We are interested in products or services that address the needs of large markets. For Launchpad to achieve a high return on its investment, a company must sell to potential markets of $100M or more. We expect portfolio companies to become market leaders with 30%+ marketshare in 5-7 years.

 Jones Lang LaSalle, IP, Inc. Signal Hill Trinet

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