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Launchpad Venture Group invests in companies with management teams and headquarters in the greater Boston area (but in certain circumstances will invest in companies based farther north in New England or slightly south in New York City.) Launchpad is focused on investments in the technology and life-science spaces and select opportunities in the green space. Launchpad will consider opportunities from other areas if group members have expertise and the opportunity is deemed to have the potential to generate superior returns. Primary sector focuses are software / IT, web and e-commerce, media and social media, mobile and wireless, medical devices, diagnostics, healthcare IT, networking and telecom, clean-tech, renewable energy and green-tech.

Boston area entrepreneurs are encouraged to reach out to any Launchpad member, all of whom are easy to find on LinkedIn or around the Boston startup ecosystem. Any Launchpad member can advise you about potential fit for the group’s investment focus areas and help you to apply to Launchpad for funding.

New company applications which are deemed to be a potential fit are typically either:

  • admitted to our next Catalyst event where entrepreneurs can make an elevator pitch and meet Launchpad members and receive feedback on their company or
  • referred to a team of scouts for evaluation as a candidate for our main monthly pitch forum.

Promising companies coming out of a Catalyst event or scouting will be invited to pitch to our main monthly forum as a candidate for investment.

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